WA Activator

This is the WA Activator v5 that will be replacing WA Activator v2 - Slack-Zapier service.

To use this feature, you need to have the WhatsApp phone number available, meaning you need to have it included in your WhatsApp Business Account so you can have your WABA id associated to that phone number so you can properly assign and activate. This is because you will require a code that will only be sent to the WA number you are trying to activate. This feature will only be available for Admin and Manager users. Remember, if you don't have a phone number and SIM card yet assigned to a specific Business Account or Sandbox you will need to request it to Yalo IT using their service desk here.

1) Flow Setting Screen (Right Click or Three Dots selection on a new flow and select Settings…choose “activate a number here” link)

2) WA Activator v5 Screen (Option 2 called Yalo….Activate and assign number)

3) Activate and assign number Screen (Fill-out your WABA id, Phone number and Activation method for sending code).

4) Enter the 6-digit code that you will receive on your phone in the screen. Then click "confirm" (this code will be received based on your previous chosen activation method).

5) Error handling messages in the UI (This error messages could be from Meta, Internal Users or API generated errors).

6) Modal confirming the activation and assignment of that phone number:

7) Banner alert saying phone has been successfully assigned and activated:

8) Important Tips to take into consideration:

8.1) Now in this process or end to end flow we don’t need to validate the Code Certificate. However, you should be able to go to your WA Business Account inside Meta to verify if the phone number is active or not by looking at the Certificate:

8.2) Click on View Certificate (clickable button CTA), there you will see if both the Certificate is valid and approved:

8.3) When you are choosing activation method between either a SMS or Phone Call please take into account this important disclaimer:

8.4) IMPORTANT NOTE: It is crucial to note that once a number has been assigned or registered to a bot or flow in the past, it cannot be reused for another bot or flow through the activation process or WA Activator. To avoid any internal issues or errors with Meta, it is necessary to use a completely new number for the activation and assignment of numbers using the WA Activator process inside Studio.

8.5) IMPORTANT RECOMMENDATION Please ensure that the phone number is entered in the UI with the "+" symbol to indicate the country or regional code you are dialing. A complete international phone number format consists of a plus sign (+), followed by the country code, city code, and local phone number. When contacting WhatsApp, it is important to always provide your phone number in the full international format. For instance, if you have a contact in the United States with the area code "408" and phone number "XXX-XXXX," you should enter it as +1 408 XXX XXXX. Remember to remove any leading zeros or special calling codes. In Argentina, all phone numbers (country code "54") should include a "9" between the country code and area code. Additionally, the prefix "15" must be removed to ensure that the final number consists of a total of 13 digits: +54 9 XXX XXX XXXX. For phone numbers in Mexico (country code "52"), it is necessary to include "1" after "+52," even for Nextel numbers.