Genies: Create and Train your own AI Agent


⚠️ Important: This product/feature requires purchase by the final client. While you can explore it with access, it shouldn't be offered without a formal commercial process.

What is

The best tool to securely train your AI in minutes with your company’s own information, turning –  support information, training manuals; delivery, return, etc. Make your flow more human and smart than never.


What is not

❌ Pre-defined AI ready to use without extra information

What are the benefits

Let's chat! Say goodbye to boring FAQs and non-contextual conversations. Provides a unified platform for addressing various customer queries and needs. Allows for rapid updates to keep the AI informed with the latest knowledge, use URLs and make your AI always updated. Create a fluid and contextual / historical information that ensures a natural and human experiences.

Use cases

💬 Customer Support: Offering a single AI assistant for addressing customer queries across different domains.🏋🏻 Training and Onboarding: Facilitating the training of AI models with domain-specific information for new products or services.

How is implemented (check all videos and updates)

Last updates

V1.2.0 — January 2024

What’s new?

1. Blocked Topics
This new version introduces new settings that can be configured by builders via very simple Lua Code.

  • Blocked Topics: This is a list that can be configured to ensure the Genie never answers questions related to specific topics that customers want to avoid such as religion or politics.

Important: If you don’t want to add any other blocked topics beyond religion and politics, make sure to delete the piece of code that says {”topic 3”}, {”topic 4”}, {”topic 5”} since it might interfere with the prompt and the performance of the genie.

2. I have another question” CSAT Button

As a minor improvement, we also added a 3rd button in the CSAT step that allows the user to go back and ask more questions. This was done because sometimes the Genie will mistakenly assume that the user wants to end a conversation and send them to the CSAT step. In those cases, there’s now a button that users can tap to go back in case they weren’t done asking questions.

How to use this new version?
Watch the following Loom to learn how to implement version 1.2.0 of Genie Trainer 👇

V1.2.0 — January 2024

What’s new?

1. Blocked Topics

Limitations and Requirements

❌ 11 Collections
✅ You will need your client's documents or URLs and access to your client account in Yalo Studio.


If you want to know more about how to sell and check our GTM Deck, One Pager and more Demos for Genies, click here and jump to Mindtickle.