Chat Lists and Queues


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Table of Contents

  1. Viewing the chat list
  2. Managing your status
  3. Searching and filtering chats

View chat list

You can interact with your contacts through Chats.
You can view chats you can access on the Chat list.
To open a chat, select it in the chat list.


Chat list sections

There are four sections representing the current state of chats:

  • Ongoing: chats you're currently servicing.
  • Queued: chats that are awaiting service.
  • On hold: chats manually put on hold (i.e., when an agent needs to wait for an answer from a colleague or an update from a third party).
  • Closed today: chats that have been closed since the day started.

Viewing mode

You can also switch between displaying Your chats and All chats through the tabs.

  • Your chats shows only chats you're currently servicing, chats you can pick up, chats you've put on hold, and chats you've closed.
  • All chats show all chats you have permission to view, regardless of state.

To display only chats from specific departments:

  1. Click the selector icon.
  1. Mark or unmark the checkboxes according to which departments you wish to display.

Manage Your Status
You can view your current status at the top right of the chat list.


Types of status

The badge next to your profile picture may show two different states:

  • Online: Represented by a green badge. This status means you can pick up chats assigned to your department.
  • Offline: Represented by a white badge. This status means you won't receive chat requests.

Changing your status

To change your status:

Click your profile picture, then select the status you'd like to change to.


Searching chats in the chat list

In the chat list, you can search for chats by contact name:

Type the name you wish to look up into the search field, and the corresponding results will appear.


When searching on the All chats tab, you can also search by agent name:


You can also filter the chat list by Tags. To do this:

  1. Click the Filters button on the chat list.
  1. Select the tags you wish to filter by.

Searching messages inside chats

You can also search messages inside a chat. View Searching messages inside chats for more details.

Searching a contact's chat history

You can also search chats inside a contact's chat history. View Contact chat history for more details.