Pre-filled Cart

Guide your users ordering to ensure they are buying the right portfolio and quantities with this tool.

Prefilled cart allows you to have the must order items and the right quantity for store and with upselling opportunities to drive behaviour to the right product mix.


  • GMV Increase
  • Drive Store Owner behaviour to buy the right mix and quantities
  • Increase conversion rate, user satisfaction and recurrence

Related to Company Goal
80% orders impacted by algorithms.
10% sales lift for impacted orders.

How does it work?

You will be able to guide the store owner through the purchasing process:

  1. Pre-Filled Cart
  2. Recommended Products + Full Catalogue
  3. In-Cart Upselling

Step 1: Pre-filled cart

Suggest ideal pre-filled order for customers based on historical orders

Simplify the process to make the store owner life easier and help CPGs achieve their objectives, ensuring the usual products are being bought.

We are not trying to upsell. We want the store owner to trust that this is the right products they are already buying regularly.

Step 2: Recommended Products + Full catalogue

Upselling opportunity: Recommended products at the top: suggest new products for each customer that are a good fit based on what similar stores are buying.

Full catalogue, searchable and browsable by categories.

Drive store owner behaviour by suggesting the right products at the right time.

Step 3: In-cart Upselling

Upselling opportunity: Suggest products that are usually bought together at the time of the check-out.

We analyse the current order to identify products that are likely to be bought as well.

Drive store owner behaviour by suggesting the right products at the right time.


Other Uses Cases

Prefilled Cart in Order Reminder Campaigns

Prefilled cart in the Conversation Flow

If you are interested in using this and other features from our

Algo Selling package, please contact your
Account Executive @ Yalo.