Customers (Stores)


This is a Work in Progress


A central place in Yalo to store and view a list of all our customer’s customers and extract a CSV according to your filters.


Filtering by events:

  • In addition to filtering by attributes, you can now filter stores by two events generated in Yalo Commerce:
    1. Commerce Session Created
    2. Commerce Order Confirmed
  • Added support to filter by parameters inside events (e.g. how many distinct products in the order confirmed event)
  • Pre-defined date ranges of yesterday, 7 days, 30 days, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months.
    • Note: “today” is not supported given how data is refreshed, and we will be removing this soon.

Export CSV with Phone Metrics

  • When you download a list of stores now, the exported CSV now includes all phone numbers associated to each store, including “phone metrics” that will make it really easy to decide which phone numbers to remove per store, if any. Specifically, we’re providing how many stores is each phone number associated with (a metric used to filter out sales reps), how many sessions and orders each phone has placed for each store (and when was the last date for each), and an initial version of a yalo phone rank that will try to rank phone numbers automatically based on various inputs.