FAQ: Quick Messages

FAQ: Quick Messages Visibility Issues on Yalo Sales Desk

1. What are quick messages in Yalo Sales Desk?

  • Quick messages are pre-defined responses that agents can use to reply swiftly to customers during conversations. They help streamline communication and ensure consistency in responses.

2. Some agents in my organization cannot see the quick messages. What could be the issue?

  • Message Availability: Confirm that the quick messages have been created and are active within the system.
  • Team Configuration: Check if the quick messages are properly assigned to all relevant teams or groups within the organization. If they are not linked to a specific team, members of that team won't be able to see them.
  • Access Permissions: Ensure all agents have the proper permissions to view and use quick messages. Permissions might be restricted to specific roles.

3. How can agents access quick messages?

  • Click on the quick messages icon located next to the message input field to open the quick message menu.
  • Select the desired quick message from the list.
  • Press Enter to send the selected message.
  • Alternatively, type "!" followed by the shortcut name of the quick message, and press Enter to send it.

4. How can I verify if quick messages are assigned correctly to all teams in the organization?

  • Go to the administration panel of Yalo Sales Desk.
  • Navigate to the quick messages configuration section.
  • Review the current quick messages and ensure they are assigned to the correct teams.

5. How can I adjust quick message settings to ensure visibility for all agents?

  • In the administration panel, locate the quick messages section.
  • Review each quick message to make sure they are linked to the necessary teams.
  • If needed, modify the team assignments to include all agents who need access to these messages.

6. What should I do if quick messages are still not visible to all agents after making adjustments?

  • If the issue persists, it is recommended to open a ticket for improvement or a bug report with Yalo support. They can investigate the issue further and provide a solution.

7. Where can I find more information on configuring quick messages and other Yalo Sales Desk functionalities?

8. Is there a specific procedure to ensure all agents can see quick messages?

  • Ensure quick messages are correctly configured and active in the administration panel.
  • Verify access permissions and team assignments.
  • Conduct tests with different agent accounts to confirm visibility.

This FAQ should help address the most common issues related to quick message visibility on Yalo Sales Desk.
For further assistance, Yalo support is available to help resolve any ongoing issues.