Flow Builder

Yalo Studio's primary tool for creating Conversational Flows. This page displays all of the elements that comprise the selected Flow, Steps, Messages, and all of the connections and transition rules.


Steps are the actions/modifiable building blocks that you can create in the Canvas. Multiple steps create a flow. Its content may include text, media, buttons, lists.

Webhook Start

Waits for an external website page call to execute the Step Actions.

Basic Analytics

Allows customers to measure the performance of their Flows.

Customizable Analytics

Custom analytics dashboards created by Yalo.


Allows end users to pay for products directly within Flow's Storefront.

Preloaded Cart

Automatically pre-fill an end user's cart with pre-selected items.

Product Catalog

Allows customers to browse available products from a customer to purchase in a web-view.


The Storefront is the configurable web view of the Store. Users will access it to see the product catalog and place orders. It’s fully configurable in the Commerce Manager and shows all the information already uploaded.

Recommended Products

Allows customers to suggest products to end-users before they check out.


Allows customers to reach back out to end users based on past behavior.

Topline Insurance

Trigger an alert whenever the end-user wants to place an order below the threshold.

Customer Profiler

Allows customers to save end user info and segment them based on their answers.

Human Agent Transfer

Allows end-users to be transferred to a human agent.

Lead Generation

Allows customers to manage and generate leads.

Order Tracking

Allows end users to check the status of their orders.

Store Locator

Allows end-users to find the closest store location.

Campaign Creation

Yalo-created notification campaigns to send to end-users.

Initial Set-up

Set up service to deliver solution.

System Integration

Integration from Yalo to other systems in place (i.e. ERP, CRM).

Flow Creation

Custom-built Flows for your business, created by Yalo.

Yalo Studio

Yalo's main communication tool. Is a tool for managing outbound messaging channels, campaigns, customer data, customer relationships, and marketing analytics.

Channel Profile Manager

Manage your WhatsApp or Facebook Business Profile.

WhatsApp Templates

Create & manage your messaging campaign templates.


Create, Target, & Flight your outbound messaging campaigns


Analytics is where customers find quantifiable data points that allow them to track and analyze data in order to discover things and enhance their Flows with data-driven decisions.


The interface where users can interact with Flows through written texts, quick replies, and webviews. In Yalo, we release Flows in two channels: Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.


Engagement is a set of tools, in Yalo Studio, used to create and manage WhatsApp campaigns and pre-approved message templates.

Active User

A user who has already received or sent a message.


The event of a message sent to a user through a channel. If the notification is answered by the user, a conversation is started


Graphical user interface which provides at-a-glance views of key performance indicators relevant to a particular objective or business process.

Semantic Similarity

Measures the distance between the semantic meanings of a pair of words, phrases, sentences, or documents.


A CSV is a Comma-Separated Values file, which allows data to be saved in a tabular format. These can be exported from an Excel spreadsheet, Google spreadsheets, or another CRM system.


It is the set of capabilities in Flow Builder that allows Conversational Flows to understand the intention of a user when he or she expresses something within the conversation in human natural language. It is used to understand basic commands and questions in natural language.


Actions allow you to add complex business logic and functionality that is executed contextually within your Flow. They can be Global or set inside a specific Message.


Activities act as a stacked group of Steps. Normally, they comprehend a specific task or goal. The customer can create a custom one or download it from a series of Activity Templates.

Activity Template

A set of pre-configured Steps, already connected, packaged up, and ready to go. They contain common best practices and can be customized to fit customers' needs in a few clicks, saving time and effort.


A marketing strategy based on identifying subgroups within the target audience in order to deliver more tailored messaging for stronger connections.


Same as Flow Builder, Yalo Studio's primary tool for creating Conversational Flows.


Clickable interface elements, that allow customers to set answer suggestions in the form of buttons that appear on their message channel.


Words or phrases that help keep the communication channels open with the user, inviting them to perform an action to keep them engaged.


The Marketing Campaign feature in Engagement enables platform users to automate the creation and delivery of an outbound push notification campaign to a predefined group of their customers in WhatsApp.


The intuitive building space where builders can drag and drop Steps, connect them, build a Conversational Flow and create meaningful interactions with their customers that represent their brand's voice with just a few clicks.


Commerce provides a mobile-optimized purpose-built solution for B2B conversational commerce, that enables enterprise companies to build, deploy and manage a customizable “mobile store” to its customers.

Conversational Flow

The Flow/Conversational Flow is the compound of Steps, Actions, Messages, and rules that guide the end-user through an automated set conversation with your organization or brand in WhatsApp or other messaging apps. They're created inside the Flow Builder and can perform many Activities, such as commerce, answering FAQs, and sending promotion campaigns.


Users answer questions that measure satisfaction at the end of a Conversational Flow.


Inside Studio, the word “Customer” is related to the end-user who’s interacting with the brand’s Conversational Flow. Internally, we refer to our clients as our customers.

Customer Service

Allows end-users to be transferred to a sales agent.


Allows Flow Builder users to analyze the status of a specific user. This is a self-enabled debugging functionality with no need of Yalo support.


Internally, “End-user” refers to the person who’s interacting with a brand's Conversational Flow.


A feature that allows customers to set their most frequently asked questions and corresponding answers to work inside their Conversational Flow.


The Flow/Conversational Flow is the compound of Steps, Actions, Messages, and rules that guide the end-user through an automated set conversation with your organization or brand in WhatsApp or other messaging apps. They're created inside the Flow Builder and can perform many Activities, such as commerce, answering FAQs, and sending promotion campaigns.

Global Actions

Global Actions are those that can be applied to every step of the Flow. They are created to make the Flow feel more human and react naturally to what the user is writing.

Go to

The "go-to" Action allows you to redirect the user to any selected Step of the Flow.

Main Start

Activates the Flow when you receive a message from the user.


One of the different types of Messages you can send to the user. It can either be a video, an image, or a PDF document.

Message Template

Businesses are required to use pre-approved messages when sending business-initiated messages (also called Notifications, Message Templates, or Templated Messages) on WhatsApp; which can be text-based, media-based, or interactive.


An industry term describing capabilities built into Canvas, allowing Yalo Flows to recognize and respond naturally to conversations.

SSO (Single Sign-On)

Customers using the supported Identity Providers won’t need separate credentials to access Yalo Studio; they can use existing corporate login.

Start Trigger

A conversation can start in a number of ways, but the first Step is always triggered by an external event. The available types of Start are: Main Start and Webhook Start.


Allows customers to build and manage their own Conversational Flows.


Allows Flow Builder users to test Flows in 2 ways: Internally, with Yalo’s Flow Simulator, and/or externally, with the customer's own WhatsApp.


Inside Studio, the word “User” refers to the person that’s using the Studio. Internally, a “user” is the same as “end-user”, the person who’s interacting with the brand’s Flow.


Yalo’s term for the type of integration most easily incorporated into a Flow on Canvas.