Overview Dashboard

A high-level view of a channel's analytics, a quick summary of your channel’s performance

Welcome to the Quick Start Guide of the Overview v2.0 Dashboard!


Overview Dashboard
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The Overview Dashboard provides a centralized, high-level view of a channel's indicators.

This Quick Start Guide will help you learn, explore, and interact with your channel's Overview Dashboard. You will know the critical aspects necessary to master the basic concepts of the dashboards, making you an expert in no time.


Obtain information about your conversations and your channel's total number of users.


Filter by date, periodicity, or Flow ID based on your needs.


Analyze the information and decide to define your campaigns on what's essential for your goals and focus them on the right path.

Before You Start


Before you start this tutorial, make sure that:

  • You have a Yalo Studio account.
  • Time has passed since your Flow is active and data is available to analyze.


Build confidence by trying things on your own!

Go to the Analytics section (left on the main navigation panel), then click Overview , and then play around the dashboard!

Get familiar with the Overview dashboard

The page is made of three main rows: Data Boxes, two graphics, and a couple of tables.

The first three Data Boxes are these:


Overview Dashboard main section - three Data Boxes selected
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Dashboard filters

At the top, there is a button where you can change the possible date ranges to see the information within the Interval Analysis. By default, it is seven days.

Also, you can change the Periodicity, and FlowID, in case there is more than one.

FlowID = The identifier of the Flow configured in Yalo Studio. You can see information between all of your Flows.

The filters narrow dashboard results to only the data you are interested in.

The next three Data Boxes


Overview Dashboard main section - the next three Data Boxes selected
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Yalo Tip

Download the data for deeper research, see the section Export Data at the bottom of this guide.

Messages Graphs

The Overview Dashboard contains a couple of graphics:


Overview Dashboard - Graphics
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Yalo Tip

Click on the elements (New Users, Returning Users, etc.) to enable/disable them from the graphics for a different analysis.



Overview Dashboard - Tables
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Active user: User who has already received or sent a message.


Yalo Tip

Hover over the bars and cells to see detailed information.

Drill downs

You can drill down the Data Boxes to see a detail of each Box. All the six Data Boxes have drill-down featured; consider that you will visualize only those records filtered according to the Data Box.

  1. Click on the quantity of the Data Box to see the details of it

A pop-up table appears, showing the details:


Overview Dashboard - Drill down table of a Data Box
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  1. To download the content, open the drill-down, click on the Download button, in the dialog, open Advanced data options, select the desired format, and select the number of rows to include: all results.

Overview Dashboard - Drill down table download of a Data Box
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The Interactive users line graphic also contains a drill-down for each cell; you can open a drill-down by selecting a specific time aggregation period.

Export Data

You can download data from each Data Box and its drill-down details within the Messages and Notifications Dashboard, in several formats, such as CSV, Excel, JSON, HTML, and Markdown, among others.

To export the data:

  1. Click on the three-dot menu at the top right of the Data Box/Graphic.
  2. Then click on the Download data button.

Three-dot menu and Download data pop-up selected
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  1. In the pop-up, choose the type of format you want.
  2. Click on Advanced data options

Exporting Data pop-up with "All results" option selected
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We recommend leaving the rest of the checks marked as they are, only changing the field: Number of rows with the value: All Results, so that the export of data gets correctly generated.

  1. Click Download
  2. Save the file for further analysis.


If "All Results" is not available

Downloading an unlimited number of results is restricted for queries with table calculations.

To download more than "Results in Table", select "Custom" and enter a limit of up to 100,000 rows.