Setup Guide for Agents

This guide summarizes the basic knowledge that agents need in order to work in Yalo Sales Desk.

Logging in for the first time

Once your manager or supervisor has created your user account, you will receive a link with instructions for your first login.
Upon your first successful attempt to log in, you must define your new password.
Keep in mind that this password is specific to your account and you must never share it with anyone.


Getting to know Sales Desk

The main view of Sales Desk is divided between the Chat list and the Chat view.


Viewing the chat list

Chats will show up in the chat list. You can click a chat to open it.
The sections of the list also show the current state of the chats.

  • Ongoing: chats you're currently servicing.
  • Queued: chats that are awaiting service.
  • On hold: chats manually put on hold (i.e., when an agent needs to wait for an answer from a colleague or an update from a third party).
  • Closed today: chats that have been closed since the day started.

You can also switch between displaying Your chats and All chats through the tabs.

  • Your chats shows only chats you're currently servicing, chats you can pick up, chats you've put on hold, and chats you've closed.
  • All chats show all chats you have permission to view, regardless of state.

Starting serving a contact

When you open a queued chat, you can read the messages that the customer had previously exchanged with the Flow assistant.
To pick up the chat and begin serving the contact:

Send any type of message using the message bar.


Once you send a message, the chat automatically moves to your Ongoing chats list.
It also disappears from your colleagues' Queued chats. This prevents multiple agents from attempting to assist the same contact.

Using canned responses

You can also use preset messages created by your managers or supervisors to quickly send to your contacts. They can also be used to start service.
To send a canned response while in a chat:

  1. Click the canned responses icon next to the message input to open the menu.
  1. Select the message you would like to send.
  2. Press Enter to send the message.

You can also send a canned response by using its shortcut:

  1. Type !, and the list of shortcuts will appear above the message bar.
  2. To filter the options shown on the list, type anything after the first "!".
  3. Once you've completed typing a shortcut, press the Enter key to send its corresponding canned response.

Sending audio messages

On Yalo Sales Desk, you can receive and send audio messages to contacts you are currently serving.
To send an audio message:

  1. Click the Microphone button inside the message bar.
  2. Record your message. When you're done, click the Confirm button to send it.
  3. Your audio message appears on the message feed alongside other messages.

Sending images, video and other attachments

On Yalo Sales Desk, you can receive and send any type of document, including images and videos, to contacts you are currently serving.
To send a document:

  1. Click the Attach Document button inside the message bar.
  2. Browse your storage device, then select and confirm the file you wish to send to your contact.
  3. Your document appears on the message feed alongside other messages.

Viewing a contact's information

On Yalo Sales Desk, all information about a contact is stored inside the Contact information drawer.
It appears on the right side of the screen when viewing a chat.
If it's closed:

When viewing a chat, click the Contact information icon in the chat header.


By default, there are a few basic fields for contact information:

  • Contact name
  • Document option
  • Document number
  • Contact tags

Additional custom fields may appear depending on your organization's setup.

Editing a contact's details

While serving a contact, you may need to change some of their details.
To do this:

  1. Click Edit information at the bottom of the contact information drawer.
  2. Change the details as you need.
  3. Click Save changes to confirm.

Viewing a contact's chat history

Inside the contact information drawer, you can also view any past chats involving the contact.
Whenever a new chat happens, it is also stored inside the contact's chat history.
To access a contact's chat history:

Select the History tab inside the Contact information drawer.
Click a chat in the list to open it.


Searching chat history

To search chats in a contact's chat history:

  1. Type the keywords you wish to look up into the search field, and the corresponding results will appear.
  2. Select a chat to open it. Then, you can also search for messages sent inside the chat.

Searching inside the chat

To search for messages inside a specific chat:

  1. Click the More options button at the top right of the chat header.
  2. Select the Search this chat option.
  3. Type the keywords you wish to look up into the search field, and the corresponding results will appear.

Discussing a chat with other agents

On Yalo Sales Desk, it is possible to open internal discussions inside chats. Contacts can't read messages sent inside these discussions.
To access a discussion inside a chat:

Click the Internal discussion button.
Chats with ongoing discussions are marked by the discussion icon on the chat list.


Use the message bar inside the discussion menu to send messages that only other agents can see.
You can also tag specific agents to send them a notification and grab their attention towards your discussion.
To tag an agent:

Type @ inside the message bar, followed by an agent's name or username, then type your message and send it.
When you tag another agent on a discussion, they will receive a notification, and a button to quickly access the discussion will also appear over their chat list.

Transferring a chat

When you need another team or agent to handle a service, you can transfer the chat to them.
To transfer a chat:

  1. Click the Transfer button on the chat header.
  2. Select an agent or team to transfer the chat. If there are no online agents in the team you've selected, you'll be prompted to confirm before you continue.
  1. Optionally, make any changes to chat tags and add a comment to tell other agents why you're transferring the chat.
  2. Click Transfer to confirm.

Adding tags

When viewing a chat, its tags appear at the header, right below the contact's name. Tags are labels your team can create for you to categorize chats. To add tags to a chat:

Click the button next to the chat tag list. Inside the chat tag menu, tags currently added to the chat have a marked checkbox next to them.


Click the unmarked checkbox next to a tag to add it.
Or, if you wish to remove a tag from the chat:
Click the marked checkbox next to it.

Closing a chat

When you're done serving a contact and they're satisfied, you may close a chat. To do this:

  1. Click Close.
  2. You may verify that the chat tags are correct and add a comment to inform other users about how the service went, then click Close to confirm.
  1. Closed chats appear in the Closed today section of the chat list.

Closed chats remain under the "Closed today" until the end of the day they've been closed, and can also be accessed through the contact's chat history, in the contact information drawer.

Managing contacts

All contacts you interact with through Sales Desk appear in the Contact Manager. Through the Contact Manager, you can view and chance any contact's details, register a new contact and start new chats.
To access the Contact Manager:

Click the Contact Manager button.


Registering a new contact

To add a new contact:

  1. Inside the Contact Manager, click New contact.
  2. Fill in the details accordingly.
  3. Click Save to confirm.

That's all you need to know to get started with Yalo Sales Desk!