Yalo Commerce Promotions Manager and CSVs

A promotion is a discount/gift/money given to the customer, which may be associated with one or more products in the cart or even the total order value.

At Yalo, different types of promotions can be created based on rules, which, depending on the context of the purchase, will determine whether or not the promotion will be applied to the order.


You can create promotions using your CSV file or even our user interface in Promotions Manager.

How to use

Creating promotions with CSV FIles

Creating promotions with User Interface Logic

Based on the rules of the promotions, it will be possible to grant the following types of benefits:

  • Nominal discount: Give a gross amount, such as $20.00.
  • Percent discount: Give a percentage amount, such as 10% of the product or cart value.
  • Gift: give a product as a gift.

Promotions types

At Yalo there are 5 types of promotions available.

  • Direct

  • Volume

  • Combo

  • Complex Combo

  • Total GMV

Find out what types of promotions you can offer to increase your store's conversion rate.