What is Analytics?

Product Analytics are quantifiable data points that allow you to track and analyze data to discover things about your product. When you measure what matters, you can have the pulse of your product's health, identify strengths and weaknesses, track improvement over time, diagnose problems, justify your decisions to stakeholders, etc.

  • Click the Analytics button on the main navigation panel to expand the Analytics Dashboards list.
  • Select a dashboard from the list of available options under Analytics.

Yalo Studio - Analytics


Analytics Dashboards

The list of available Essential Analytics Dashboards (out of the box) are:

  • Overview
  • Messages & Notifications
  • Campaign Success
  • Usage
  • User Behavior

Then we have the Use Case Specific Dashboards:

  • Human Agents
  • CSAT (Customer Satisfaction)
  • FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

The Vertical Specific Dashboard is:

  • Commerce Storefront

Contact your Yalo representative to enable additional dashboards.