Publish a Flow

Select Publish to make your Flow available to the end-user.


Flow Builder - Publish Flow
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Publishing warning

Flows are versioned in two ways:

  1. Changes to the Flow are unavailable to end-users until published.
  2. Published Flows are also versioned so that the new changes do not adversely impact users currently engaged with a Flow.

Users who have an active session with the previous version — were engaged in a conversation within the last 24 hours — will only see the changes if they start a new conversation after their current session expires.
Any users who initiate a conversation with the Flow and do not already have an active session will automatically receive the most recent version of the Flow.
If you’re the author testing the Flow, you can “force” yourself to move to the latest version by typing !reset

Once you have published your Flow you can test using your WhatsApp number.