Managing active message templates

On Sales Desk, you can enable your agents to prompt new conversations with specific contacts. Sometimes this may also be referred to as active contact or sending notifications.

However, they can only start conversations using Templates (formally called Highly Structured Messages or HSMs) that have been imported from Engagement and previously approved by their manager Manager. Plus, the conversation can only continue after the contact has answered this message first.

You can view and enable Templates imported from Engagement, that your team can use to start chats, through the admin panel. To do this:

Click Verified Templates in the navigation menu.

Viewing templates

The list shows all templates (HSMs) that have been created in Engagement for your organization. There are also columns for:

  • The name of each template
  • Teams that can use them ("Shared with")
  • Previews of the messages
  • The date they were added
  • Whether they're enabled or not.

Enabling templates

Managers must enable templates so that they can be used on Sales Desk. To do this:

  1. Click a template to select it.
  1. Select the teams you will allow using it.
  2. Finally, mark the Enable box and click Save.

That's all! Now your agents can use the templates you have enabled to start new conversations with contacts.

Note that you may disable templates anytime by clicking the switch under the Enabled column.