Contact Information


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Table of Contents

  1. Viewing contact information

  2. Tagging contacts

  3. Viewing contact chat history

  4. View Contact Information
    On Yalo Sales Desk, all information about a contact is stored inside the Contact information drawer.


To access it:

When viewing a chat, click the Contact information icon in the chat header.


Basic fields

By default, there are a few basic fields for contact information:

  • Contact name
  • Document option
  • Document number
  • Contact tags

Additional custom fields may appear depending on your organization's setup.

Tag contacts and viewing contact tags

You can add tags to a contact to categorize it.
A contact's tags appear inside the Contact information drawer.


Editing contact tags

To change a contact's tags:

  1. Click Edit information.
  1. Click the Contact tags selector to expand the list of options.
  1. Click the unmarked checkbox next to a tag if you wish to add it to the contact, or
    Click the marked checkbox next to a tag if you wish to remove it.

Once you've completed editing the contact's tags, click Save changes to confirm the changes.

Viewing a contact's chat history

Whenever a new chat starts, it is stored inside the contact's chat history.
To access a contact's chat history:

Select the History tab inside the Contact information drawer.


Searching a contact's chat history

To search chats in a contact's chat history:

  1. Type the keywords you wish to look up into the search field, and the corresponding results will appear.
  1. Select a chat to open it. Then, you can also search for messages sent inside the chat.