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WhatsApp Profile Manager

The profile of an account on WhatsApp includes a picture, name, address, information about the business, etc. You can update this profile information through Yalo Studio.

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WhatsApp Profile Manager
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The following table describes the available fields:

Field nameDescription
NameFlow name (you can't edit it)
WhatsApp User ID WhatsApp phone number (you can't edit it)
Profile picture Upload images with a size of 640 x 640 pixels.
Accepted formats: PNG or JPG.

The WhatsApp Business API Client will scale and crop uploaded profile photos to be a square with a max edge of 640px and a max size of 5MB before uploading them to their servers. Images with a height or width of less than 192px may cause issues when resizing occurs.
AboutShort slogan or phrase about the business
Maximum of 128 characters
Address Address of the business.
Maximum of 256 characters
Business description Description of the business.
Maximum of 256 characters
WebsiteURL (including http:// or https://) associated with the business (e.g., website, Facebook Page, Instagram).
Maximum of 256 characters
Contact e-mailEmail address (in valid email format) to contact the business.
Maximum of 128 characters
Business categoryIndustry of the business.
It can be either an empty string or one of the accepted values from the list.

  • Click the Go To WhatsApp button to open the app and check the profile information.


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