Add a Step to a Flow

When creating a new Flow, the canvas will automatically display the Main Starter step. This is the initial step of any Flow. It allows you to set up the triggers that will execute the Flow for the user. The combination of a trigger with replies is a step.

Using the sidebar on the right, you can set up messages, triggers, or actions to enable the Flow.


Flow Builder - New Canvas

Step Types

There are three types of steps in Flow Builder:

  1. Main Starter
  2. Webhooks
  3. New Steps

Main Starter Step

The user start component gets triggered when a user sends a message to the Flow for the first time in a session.


Flow Builder - Main Starter

Webhook Start

The webhook start component gets triggered when a webhook sends a valid HTTP POST request to the URL automatically generated in Studio.


Flow Builder - Webhook Start

New Steps

A Flow is an interaction of all steps required. Each Step can interact using content, retrieve an input, invoke and run business logic, and decide which step to transition to.

Visually, steps are represented as white boxes in the canvas, and their configuration is shown in a sidebar when clicking on the name.

A message step metadata includes:


Flow Builder - Step

  • Name - You must assign this required value when creating a step. In the step's sidebar, you can edit this value after completing the step.
  • Message - This field allows you to enter the message displayed to the user.
  • Wait for the user to execute actions - This trigger allows you to set up a wait time to move to the next step.
  • Actions - This allows you to enter the triggers that will continue the Flow. The following options are available:
    • Condition
    • Go to
    • Variable
    • Web API
    • Code

Configure and Connect Steps

To configure and edit a step:

  1. Click on the step's name.
  2. Edit the sidebar parameters.
  3. Click the Save icon to update the step.

Steps and Activities are connected through actions. In the example below, the menu steps are connected through a Condition action to the Get address and Ask Question steps of the Store Locator and FAQ activities, respectively.


Flow Builder - Connecting steps

To connect a step:

  1. Select the required step.
  2. Add an action like Condition or Go to.
  3. In the Go to dropdown menu, select the step to move forward.

In the example below, the Send video step goes to the Send audio step via a Go to action.


Flow Builder - Go to action