How promotions work with CSV files


Every promotion created on Yalo will have the following definitions:

  • customerType - Determined by the client, it can be used to segment promotions into customer types.
  • customerBuys - Triggering rules, in summary what needs to be in the cart (product and quantity) for the promotion to be activated.
  • customerGets - Benefits granted once a promotion is activated.
  • properties - parameters inserted inside customerBuys and customerGets, used to define the rules and benefits of promotions.
  • startDate - Start of promotion, when it should be turned on.
  • endDate - End of promotion, when it should be turned off.
  • isActive - Boolean value, true or false.
  • promotionType - Type of promotion, according to the available types.
  • usageLimit - Parameter used to limit use per order or per customer.
  • priority - Value used to indicate the priority of the promotion, once we have more than one promotion active. 1 is the highest priority and infinit is the lowest.


How promotions work depends on the following **properties** within customerBuys and customerGets.

  • items - Indicates the items involved in the rules and benefits.
  • quantity - Used when it is necessary to determine the quantity of items in the rule or in the benefits of the promotion.
  • amount - Used when it is necessary to determine the total amount in the promotions rule.
  • minimum - Used when it is necessary to determine the minimum of the quantity/amount parameters.
  • percentage - Used to indicate the percentage of discount given.

Properties and their combinations will be available according to the Promotion Types.


All of these parameters must be set in a CSV file and then uploaded in the promotions module in Yalo Studio.

You can find some examples of promotions CSV file here.

Configuring Promotions in Yalo Studio

To configure promotions:

  1. Login in Yalo Studio --> go to Advertising and Promos
  2. Download our template --> complete the files with the necessary parameters being used (more on what parameters each promotion uses in the next pages)
  3. Once you the file is completed as needed, it must be uploaded back into Studio

For further explanation on how to configure Promotions in Yalo Studio, please the the following video:

Promotions types

At Yalo there are 5 types of promotions available.

  • Direct

  • Volume

  • Combo

  • Complex Combo

  • Total GMV

You will find how each Promition Type works and an example of each in the following links.