Total GMV Promotions (CSV)

Involves giving benefits to the final user based on the Total GMV (Gross Merchandise Value) of the final order.


To configure a Total GMV promotion, “TOTAL” type will be used, just as the DIRECT, VOLUME, COMBO, etc. types were used in the previous examples.

  1. Buy $5,000 (total GMV) or more you can receive:
    • A percentage discount amount (Ex: 10%) of total order
    • A for-free product (Ex: 2 Chocolate tablets of 300g)
    • A cash back discounted in the order (Ex: $500 back)

Final Promotion would be: Buy $5000 or more of any product and receive $500 cash back.

Setting up this promotion:

1. Identify Properties for this promotion:

Available properties at this type of promotion: minimumAmount, item, quantity, cash and percentage

2. Understand supported property combinations:




NOTE: This type of promotion allows only one parameter into customerBuys.



items and quantity
percentage ( over the total order )
cash ( discounted over the total order )

3. Define Rules

The combination of properties in customerBuys, indicates that the promotion will be triggered when total GMV is equal $5000 or more than $5000.


customerBuys rule:

minimumAmount: 5000

Combining the properties in customerGets indicates that the customer will receive 500 cash back.


customerGets benefit:

cash: 500

Real Scenarios

Coming soon!