Release Notes

Feature Fix / ImprovementDescriptionCategory
Add capiRateLimit to botEntity (improvement)Yalo can now approve the rate limit inside WhatsApp Cloud API (Cloud CAPI) and be authorized by Meta. Categorizing customers by their allowed Cloud API rate limit, specific threshold between 80 msg/sec and 250 msg/sec.Platform
API Key ManagementThe API Keys Management allows Admin and Managers to generate API Keys via secure and traceable token access inside Yalo’s platform.Platform/Security
Banners configurationStorefront banners can be configured from the marketing tab in commerce manager.
Supported type of banners
- Products: Related to a specific product
- Category: Related to an entire category
- No link: Informative banner only without any interaction
Stock HandlingStock alerts can be configured from Commerce Manager, with the following criteria:
- Level stock 1: This means that the stock is starting to be low, it is the first stock alert.
- Level stock 2: This alert means that the stock is about to run out, in the storefronts it is shown as a red label.
- Hide products without stock: This checkbox is used to hide out-of-stock products from the catalog. If this checkbox is not checked, out-of-stock products will be shown with a gray overlay in the catalog. They cannot be added to the cart, but they will be visible to users.
Campaign Starter in Flow Builder and EngagementTransitions from Engagement to Flow Builder can be creating using the new Campaign Starter.Flow Builder / Engagement
Order SplitOrder can be split automatically based on parameters that can be defined in commerce manager, based on companies needs.Commerce
Promotions Data CSV uploadPromotions can be uploaded via CSVs in commerce manager to be displayed in Storefront, from the Marketing sectionCommerce
Activity LogActivity Log: giving visibility about data provisioning status via CSV files and integrations.Commerce
SalesDeskSell and service customers on WhatsApp.Intuitive for both agents and supervisors. Customizable. Natively with Yalo's conversational commerce solution.SalesDesk
Add tier-limit blocking logic to the backendAdded a feature to block users from sending campaigns if the audience size was larger to the account’s authorized limit.Engagement
Show DiscountsAbility to show users how much money they are saving if they purchase a promotion, this applies to the following promotions

- Direct promotions
- Combos
- Volume
Advance FiltersThe Advanced Filters feature provides our users the capability to limit the results they see by describing the products they want.Commerce
Wait for user responseEasier to choose if your step should wait for user response or skip that with a delay defined in seconds. Also, new users should be create Flows faster with our dot and arrows indicators on sidebar.Flow Builder
Change within flowsIf you want to change a Flow while are building, now you just need to open the Studio menu on left, click on your current Flow, choose the Flow that you want to move and clicked it. Simple like that.Flow Builder
SearchAn easy way to find messages, activities, and steps in your Flow.Flow Builder
Error Reporting )Check all errors that end-users experienced talking with your Flow. See details about users impacted and similar incidents.Flow Builder
Automated WA ActivatorWe have created an end-to-end experience, 100% self-service, inside Studio for the WA Activator. This feature will be available for both Admin and Manager roles in Yalo Studio. Now, they can activate and assign WABA Ids and Phone numbers to specific flows.Platform
Create Transitions based on status codesNew way to set a transition to a step depending on your API status.Flow Builder
Global Variables ImprovementImprovement to UI to create your variables with custom values.Flow Builder
Commerce Recommended Product WidgetRecommended products in the catalog view for standard webviews, and in the category view. This widget is taking advantage of the Suggested Products Algo Selling ML model.Commerce
Segmentation enhancements- Improve security for downloading CSV report
- Same query affecting the UI table should affect the CSV report, to keep consistency
- Search capability: code + name
- Use the new provider in the Big Query queries
- Increase validations on filter modal
Track Events and check your metrics with the new dashboardNow you can easily select a step (e.g.: order-confirmed) and trigger an event every time an end-user passes through this step. This trigger will capture information about the user, the date/time, and the content of the conversation and record it in Yalo’s data warehouse. These events data can be checked, analyzed, and extracted with your new dashboard Events.Flow Builder
Cinnamon v1.5.0Now Cinnamon has the ability to manage associated products, these products are not visible in the catalog and are shown only under certain conditions,
Box 12 units of Coca-Cola 350ml
This allows us to buy 12 empty bottles of 350ML
And if we buy 12 empty bottles, we are able to buy a crate
(The box container of the empty bottles)