Direct Promotions (CSV)

The simplest type of promotion: you buy 1 product and receive a discount on its price.

Within this section of our content, our goal is to provide examples of typical promotions and guide you through their configuration process on Yalo. It's important to note that these scenarios are not an exhaustive list of all potential Yalo promotions, as the platform offers a variety of configurations to accommodate different situations. Each illustration comes with step-by-step instructions on setting up the promotion via our CSV file.


  1. Buy a box of candy and receive a discount on its price.
  2. Buy 10 boxes of candy and receive a discount on the total price.



In example 2, if the customer places 11 items in the cart, he will only receive discounts on the 10 items described in the rule. But if the user buys 20 he will be getting 2 discounts applied.

Setting up this promotion:

1. Identify Properties for this promotion:

Available properties at this type of promotion: item, quantity, amount, percentage

2. Understand supported property combinations:



items and quantity


items and amount

NOTE: This parameter allows only 1 product. For each time you achieve the quantity/amount, user will receive the benefit, limited to the parameter usagelimit.



items and percentage

3. Define Rules

The combination of properties in customerBuys, indicates that the promotion will be triggered when the product candy box, with quantity 1 is in the cart.


customerBuys rule:

item: box of candy
quantity: 1

Combining the properties in customerGets indicates that the customer will receive a 10% discount on the Candy Box item


customerGets benefit:

item: box of bullets
percentage: 0.10

Real Scenarios

Scenario 1: Get a discount on a given group of items

  • customerBuys: For every 8 packs of infant formula Frizz Orange Soda
  • cutomerGets: 15% off
  • Example in CSV, line 2

Scenario 2: Get discount of a given amount $$

  • customerBuys: For every $150 of Rich Cola 6 Pack
  • customerGets: 10% off
  • Example in CSV, line 3

Scenario 3: Direct discount on a single item

  • customerBuys: Buy Formula Onion Dip Chips
  • customerGets: 10% off
  • Example in CSV, line 4