Global Variables

One page to set your Flow variables with custom values

Often, builders need to set some variables when users come to their Flow. This occurs with Commerce Flows when builders have to share definitions like storefrontName, sforefrontUrl, botSlug and more.

So we created Global Variables. One page to set your variables with custom values. This is a new kind of variable, we have Context, Profile and now, Globals. All the end-users, with no exceptions, will have this configuration defined when starting a new conversation with the Flow. To use it, just create a new Global Variable, save, and use it writing global in the beginning, like, if you created a new global variable called {{flowName}} to use it, write {{global.flowName}} .

You can make a secret variable to use as a token. After turning on secret mode, you will not be able to see or edit the variable, but you can remove it and save it again. Secure reasons.