Testing Your Flow

You can test Flows created in Flow Builder using a Yalo production number in WhatsApp. This number is:
+52 1 55 4837 4302

To test your Flow in WhatsApp:

  1. Ensure that your Flow has at least two steps (Start & one more) and that the steps are connected.
  2. Publish Your Flow.
  3. Open a conversation with the Yalo Developer WhatsApp via this link
  4. The WhatsApp conversation should open with the text "!test" pre-populated. do not send the text yet.
  5. Add a space and the name of your Flow and send the message.
Testing your flow with a WhatsApp conversationTesting your flow with a WhatsApp conversation

Testing your flow with a WhatsApp conversation

Make sure to enter a space after !test and enter your Flow name precisely as it appears in Flow Builder.

  1. The Yalo Developer WhatsApp retrieves the Flow and confirms that you are now testing it.

Yalo Developer responds, telling you that you are now routed to the Flow name you gave it.

  1. Say 'hello' to your Flow to confirm you are routed correctly.

If Yalo Developer responds with your expected message, you can now test your Flow!

  1. Use the !reset command to reset your test after new Flow changes have been published.

A new !test [new Flow name] command will reroute you to test another Flow.

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