Overview Dashboard

The Overview Dashboard provides a centralized, high-level view of a channel's analytics. It is a quick summary of the channel’s performance in terms of users, messages, notifications.

Overview Dashboard
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Overview Dashboard
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The following are the individual analytics that are shown in the Overview Dashboard:


Disclaimer: Loading time may vary depending on the amount of data to process. These analytics have a 24-hour delay.




Sum of the daily active users in the selected period.

Cumulative Conversations

Sum of unique users per day on that has interacted in a selected period

Conversations Per Day

Unique users per day that interacted with the platform.

First Time Message Users

Users that sent a message for the first time in the selected period.

Cumulative First Time Message Users

Unique users growth in selected period

Daily First Time Message Users

Users that interacted for first time per day

Total users base

Total unique users who have received one notification, or sent one message to the workflow. Includes WhatsApp and Messenger channels.

Cumulative total users base along the time

Sum of unique users who at least received 1 message from the customers, on each channel, in a selected period, regardless of whether they have interacted or not.

Total Messages Sent by Bot

Number of messages sent by the workflow


Percentage of conversations with more than 3 interactions from users that were handled without human intervention.

Conversations handled just by bot

Sum of conversations that were handled without human agents intervention

Conversations handled by agents

Sum of conversations that were handled with human agents intervention

Savings that could be generated by conversations that didn't reach an agent

Number of automated conversations multiplied by $ 0.70 USD (Based on Contact Babel Report: "U.S. Contact Center Decision Makers'Guide 2017")

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