Order Tracking Implementation

Order Tracking Flow

The Order Tracking activity defines the following steps for the customers to locate their package.

  1. Provide your order number or your request number. Connect to the system API.
  2. Wait for the system to locate your package.
  3. Channel provides any of the following results:
    If unsuccessful deliver an error message.
    If the information provided is invalid delivers an invalid tracking message.
    **If successful deliver the tracking info.

Start by adding the Order Tracking activity via the Add Activity button.

Order Tracking activityOrder Tracking activity

Order Tracking activity

Expanding the Order Tracking activity will display the internal steps. To expand, scroll over the Order Tracking activity and select Expand activity.

Order Tracking stepsOrder Tracking steps

Order Tracking steps


Follow these steps to build a custom Order Tracking activity.

  1. Enter a product ID request step.
    1. Add a match regular expression condition to match id to API.
    2. Add a back to menu condition
    3. Add a fallback step
    4. Add custom LUA code for external API. The API will function with HTTP.GET().
Track orderTrack order

Track order

  1. Enter system wait step.
    1. Add a go-to condition to move to the next step.


  1. Enter script track step to manage API response. This will allow you to connect to the response steps. These steps will vary depending on the client's API.

A sample API response is displayed in the following Postman example. The API receives the user id and order id numbers to provide a successful response. The actual payload from the order system would include more information.

Sample API response variables could be:

  • user id
  • order id
  • order status
  • ship date
  • estimated delivery date

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