Order Tracking


When a customer purchases a product online, once the package ships, the customer needs to be able to track the package and obtain a correct estimate of the time to be delivered.

Flow Builder, through order tracking, allows users to provide an estimate to their customers of the time products are delivered in real-time. Partners are required to provide an exposed API to be integrated with the Flow in order to provide order tracking.


The customer wants to locate their package and obtain an estimate of the delivery time through WhatsApp.
From the menu, the user selects order tracking and provides a product ID. The channel provides the current delivery status of the package.

Order tracking workflow
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Order tracking workflow
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  • Yalo Platform.
  • WhatsApp/Facebook User.

Dependencies and Technical Requirements

The client must provide an API Rest to be consumed by Yalo and return the information to the end-users who requested the status. This module of Yalo's solution depends on the client having API REST services available to be consumed by Yalo and displaying information to the end-users regarding shipment status.

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